Sprint Jersey not visible on rider list

I have taken jerseys on several occasions, I’m sure I won them as I was on top of the leaderboard.

However, I did not get the jersey beside my name, which my girlfriend did when she won the ladies sprint, right next to me in the pain cave, she and I see her shirts.
My girlfriends Zwift does not show my shirt either.

In the saved activity it shows I got the shirt, why in the world doesn’t it show in-game?

Hi @Patrik_Karlstrom_C2r, welcome to the forums. What platform/device do you use for Zwift? Maybe it needs an update or reinstall?

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Hi Mike,

I’ve tried with ATV, iPad, PC, iMac and even iPhone.

I’m pretty sure I’ve had the missing shirts with at least Apple TV, iPad and iPhone.

Maybe I’ve been flagged because before I got a second turbo I used Concept 2 rower through rowed biker app. Can’t think of any other reason.

Do you force close the app after each use? That can help get rid of a lot of bugs on ATV.

Couple of legitimate reasons ;

Which segments , as some dont offer jerseys . i.e Volcano circuits IIRC and one of the Jungle ones amongst a few .

Jersey wornt show if you are not riding on the route or at least travelling in what zwift classes as on route (specifically in reverse it wont show)

Yes, I always force close nowadays, both on ATV and iPad.

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They were of the type that gives a Jersey.

On a few occasions both me and girlfriend won the sprint. But only hers ever show up.

I’ve noticed the shirts sometimes disappear temporarily (for my GF) I, however never get them to show up at all, though I’ve been first on leaderboard and have the shirt icon on activity data after the ride.