Apple TV Jerseys

This is a small thing, but has bugged me for a while now. On Apple TV, when you earn any kind of sprint, KOM/QOM, or route jersey, the jersey icon does not show next to your name on the list of names in-game. A minor issue, but makes it impossible to know if you’ve earned certain jerseys, like in Richmond with the double sprints, or once you are no longer wearing the jersey due to u-turn or direction change. Would be nice to have that feature on Apple TV. It hasn’t ever worked.

It actually did used to work, but stopped somewhere along the line. I don’t have anything to compare it against, but kind of presumed that it worked this way across all platforms. I mean, why do I need the jersey next to my name, because I can see that my avatar is wearing it? But maybe it is just on ATV and on other platforms people do see the jersey/s they have earned next to their names.

I like it because if you change directions you can see if you still have the jersey for the opposite direction. I was on iPad before ATV and it worked there. Seems to be an ATV issue only from that I can tell.


I updated my ATV today and was on a testing run so up the Hilly Route KOM I went. A rider in front of me set the KOM and a jersey and perhaps a message showed up next to the name. Maybe returned functionality with the new update?

I can always see the jerseys next to other riders’ names, but never next to my own. Only seems to apply to me on my view if I earn a jersey. My husband can see jerseys next to my name on his screen and vice-versa for me. It’s very odd!!

I get this too when I win a sprint/KOM - no jerseys appear next to my name. I am running the latest version on Apple TV.