Other rider's sprint jerseys not showing up on my screen

My wife and I were jersey hunting on Neokyo Allnighter yesterday, and we both grabbed a couple of sprint jerseys. Everything looked okay on her screen–my avatar was in the green jersey, and the little green jersey symbol showed up next to my name on her rider list.

But the reverse wasn’t true–her avatar was in her normal kit on my screen, and the little green jersey symbols were not showing up next to her name on my rider list. She grabbed the rooftop KOM as well (she was having a good day :slight_smile:), and that did show up on my screen–both on her avatar and next to her rider name.

Yes, I am sure that this was all at the same time–our trainers are right next to each other, I could see her avatar in the jersey on her screen and not in the jersey on my screen. Both of us were connected unproblematically otherwise–companion apps humming along just fine, other riders visible on the roads. Other people in sprint jerseys showed up on my screen too, both on their avatars and next to their names. I don’t know if those people were male or female–I didn’t think to check, but should have.

It’s odd that her KOM showed up just fine, but not the green jerseys.

I think it is because of the gender difference. You only see the jersey wearers of your own gender but you see the icon indicating they good a jersey.

Odd little quirk. I’ve noticed it before when they appear in the riders list with the jersey icon but when they pass they have a normal jersey.

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But this is the first time this has happened. Previously her jerseys, and the name icon, have always appeared on my screen. This time in Neokyo was the first time they have not.

Here’s a shot from my phone from last night, showing my screen (projector) and her screen (laptop on the right). I’m in my jersey on both, she’s only in her jersey on her screen.

But here’s a screenshot from a different ride, Makuri but not Neokyo, of just my screen. I’m the green on the center left, she’s the green center right. (I’ll try to keep looking for a previous Neokyo shot when it was working properly.)

Here we go…another Neokyo ride from Feb. Me in green on the right, her in green behind, and another female in green to my left.

Also, when this happened yesterday, the icon for her jersey did not appear on my screen’s rider list either.

Both should show up. Makuri seems to have buggier sprint jerseys that sometimes appear for no reason and last a few seconds.

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The appearing and reappearing was happening last night too, although because I had grabbed more than one, I didn’t notice. But after the ride, it said that I had taken Castle Park and Tower multiple times with one run each. It could be that someone else came through and took the jersey and then immediately logged off and I got it back. But twice in one ride is strange.