Minor Issues Noticed Tonight

I spent an hour lapping the island tonight and noticed a couple of small things.

No AI riders at all and no sign of G. Master

When I started my ride there were only a couple of other riders on. A half-hearted effort on my part scored me both green and orange jerseys while still warming up on my first lap. During that lap, another rider took both the green and orange jerseys from me. On my second pass through the green jersey sprint zone I sprinted again but didn’t see any evidence I’d won and didn’t catch the times. I thought I’d missed the sprint. I wasn’t listed as green jersey holder either on the rider list or via my onscreen rider’s jersey. On my 3rd time through, the “time to beat” banner popped up as usual and showed me as the green jersey holder and my previous time as the time to beat. I didn’t sprint for the jersey on this lap and was well short of my time from the previous lap but once I went under the green kite the rider list and my onscreen rider’s jersey updated to show me as the green jersey holder.

Otherwise another great ride!

It seems that NPC’s being present or not is linked to whether or not the Game Master is logged in. I’ve had rides where there were no NPC’s until the Game Master logged in and suddenly there were 75 of them.

FWIW, I prefer riding without NPC’s.

I agree that the jerseys seemed to be wonky last evening

Still haven’t figured out how the jerseys are reset - it is almost as if all the jerseys are reset when the session starts - suggesting that the jerseys might be different for ech rider - even if they are riding at the same time