I Threw a Party on Zwift Island Today and No One Else Came (aka The Case of the Missing Riders)

(Kerry Webb) #1

I had something odd happen on this afternoon’s tour of the island. I started my ride at 1:45 Eastern (US) and for about the first 35 minutes I was the only rider on the course. They weren’t even any bots. Several dozen other riders suddenly appeared mid-ride so I’m sure it wasn’t a case of no one else riding during those 35 minutes. Although somewhat boring riding alone, I WAS able to snag the KOM polka-dot jersey and the orange jersey. Another rider (who wasn’t showing up on the rider list) kept getting the Green jersey.

I saw someone had reported this problem a week back and Zwift acknowledged it as a server side issue. I just thought I’d post this so that someone knows it’s still happening. Here’s the link to the previous post: https://support.zwift.com/hc/communities/public/questions/202157175-Other-Riders-Disappeared

(Kerry Webb) #2

Just saw another post reporting a similar problem this afternoon. Someone from Zwift acknowledged that problem and did something to resolve it.


I need to keep my keyboard handy so that I can report problems real-time …

(Kelly Latham AHDR (C)) #3

I had similar issues. there was less than a dozen riders on the island and no bots. i also had a problem with power. I wasnt able to get any decent power no matter what i tried and i really did try (with so few people on the island it was my only ever opportunity to get a green jersey!).

(Gareth Enticott) #4

This happened to me too again today - I posted that original post last week as well. Checked my internet connection at the time and that was fine. Last time it turned out to be a server problem - same again?

(Whitney McKim) #5

I just had this happen - no riders or bots for the entire ride… this was after a required Zwift update for me.

After I finished my ride & saved the ride also has disappeared. It’s like it never happened. Epic fail.

(Gerry Sorce) #6

Happened to me this evening. Rode for an hour without any other riders or bots appearing - saved the ride but nothing showing on my dashboard :frowning:

(Sam Traeger) #7

Gerry, I had this happen to me just now. If you look in your my documents folder or user/documents on a mac there’s a folder called Zwift, in there will be a fit file of your ride.

Doesn’t solve it not being synced to Zwift dashboard but you’ll be able to upload it to Strava etc.

It appears to still sync your points though, I started a new session and hadn’t lost any

(Gerry Sorce) #8

Thanks for the tip Sam, I did manage to get the .fit file as you suggested and upload it to Garmin so not all lost :slight_smile:

Also had an answer from Eric C. @ Zwift - looks like something caused Zwift to lose connection with the server which leads to disappearing riders and causes the upload to the dashboard to fail.

Cheers, Gerry