Not Seeing G.Master or Any AIs

I’m not riding right now but I’m about to. Logged in quickly to see if anyone was online. I see one person riding but I do not see G.Master or any AIs on the course. I noticed this earlier today.

Again, I’m sitting idle and seeing the course while viewing another rider’s activity, but in the past I have seen G.Master and AIs while doing so.


Jon said he reset the server this afternoon, so this issue shouldn’t be occurring any longer. If it does happen again, however, please let us know, and we’ll be sure to follow up! :slight_smile:

I think G.Master was offline a pretty good while this afternoon.

I must have been on when the server was restarted. Went from daytime to nighttime!

G.Master was a little flakey. It was in and out several times during the ride but it always came back pretty quickly.