I'm riding alone

(Glenn Pernick) #1

I seem to be riding alone without anyone else on the right or Als. Is something going on?

(Trevor Dias) #2

Happened to me on Thursday Glenn. Turned out to be a server issue, they had it sorted within a few minutes (10) so I guess just hang on in there, enjoy the tranquility and I’m sure it’ll be back to normal soon.

(Jimbo Solvang - (62)) #3

Same thing happened to me today. I was having a nice ride with a couple of Leducs, a Canuck Kennedy and a few others. At 34k into my ride all the other riders disappeared from the screen and menu on the right side. I shut down, saved my ride and then tried a restart. No one else on the course. No idea what the problem is.

(Glenn Pernick) #4

Yeah just finished and no one came back on. I tried messaging and that didn’t work either. Hopefully a glitch.

(Jürgen Waldick ZRG) #5

same thing here and it stayed nighttime for the rest of the ride which lasted about an hour…

(Ryan Fitzgerald) #6

Has happened to me the last 3 times.