Too Many Jersey Icons, Not Enough Jersey Icons

Had a bug during a PacePartner ride tonight, Coco on Turf N’ Surf.

Managed to snag the Shisa Sprint jersey. When I was wearing the jersey, no icon showed up by my name on the rider list. But when we turned onto a road segment and the jersey came off my rider, there were two jersey icons next to my name. One regular, and one with the U-turn arrow.

Later I grabbed the Alley Sprint, and the same thing happened–when my avatar had a jersey on, there were no icons next to my name, and when the jersey disappeared from my rider, there were now four jersey icons next to my name (two regular, two U-turn).

It’s like I was being awarded the jersey for both directions of each sprint–there are only those two sprints on Turn N’ Surf, and you only go through them in the one direction. But then also the icons were gone when my avatar had the jersey.

Edit: And on the post-ride screen, it only showed that I got the two jerseys, not in both directions.

Here’s pics:

Remembering from last night, the pairing screen also had a makeover. @James_Zwift, was anything done with segments or icons in that last update? You’re probably not the right person to ask, lol. But I’m trying to multi-task today and it’s going poorly :frowning: :slight_smile:

Not that I’m aware of.

Hrm. Same thing was showing on my wife’s screen, beeteedubs. (She’s the one below me on the list in the pics with all the other jerseys.) Both of us on Win machines.

My wife picked up a jersey collection riding Watopia’s Waistband today, doing 70 Watts in a solo workout. Something is going on.

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Interesting. The ones we got the other night didn’t feel undeserved (they at least weren’t ‘unworked-for’, lol). But 70w seems unlikely. Does she weigh 7kg?