Sometimes jersey does not change when KOM won

I recently won a couple KOMs during some rides in London and Watopia. In London, I did not place first, but gained first place by attrition, and my jersey changed to polka dots (I think it was on Keith Hill, but not certain). In Watopia, I placed first on the Epic KOM, Reverse Epic KOM, and Volcano KOM. The KOM standings showed me as first place, and I got the little jersey icon next to my name in the nearby rider list, but the jersey I was wearing did not change, not even briefly (and I waited until I was outside of any zones where it might revert to my normal jersey).

Here are a couple screen shots to show what I mean:

I think you have to be going the right way to see the jersey. Same thing you describe happened to me yesterday - I did a U-turn and I was magically clothed in dots!

At night and in the morning jerseys are washed and dried.


Same thing happened to my wife on two separate rides in the past week: she won the QOM (Epic climb once and Volcano once) but her jersey never changed. These were done in Watopia, not sure if the world matters now that you can choose between two each day. Hopefully support will notice this one, thanks for reporting it.

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You are not the only one. Last night I was at the top of the leader board in the Volcano climb and the regular Watipia KOM. I had an icon for a combined jersey next to my name on the left side list, but no jersey on my rider. At the same time I was passing a woman who had the KOM in both directions, but too was in a regular jersey. This also happened to me three days ago. Hopefully they figure it out. I know I did not have my HRM on at the time, maybe this is a new requirement.

I had a similar situation however it occured when I didn’t ‘win’ the sprint. I was second and then later on the person that was first must have logged off so the jersey defaulted to me. I rode over to the watopia sprint and did a u-turn and voila I had the jersey.

Hopefully more people vote this one up so it catches Zwift’s attention for a bug fix. My wife rode both of her QOMs with a HRM so it wasn’t that. We’ll have to try the double u-turn move and see if that works next time.

Forwarding this over, thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for the details everyone. If this happens to anyone else can you make sure to:

  • Try a Uturn and see if your Jersey appears
  • If not, provide screenshots that include your avatar not in the jersey and the leaderboard with your first place time visible.

Thank you all for your patience!

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This has been happening to me a lot lately

Happened a few times recently also. As above showing the small jersey but not on my avatar, tried retracing and going back to segment but does not work, doesn’t change at all when just taking the KOM even. Be good if Zwift can sort as a massive shame . My EGO needs these :wink::joy:

Yep, me too. On the Alp, reversed, reversed,went to bottom and made u-turn back up, logged off and back on…no jersey on, just next to name

Has been happening to me too lately. Just happened on Volcano KOM where there is no direction.

Me too!

I’ve recently the same experience also.

Attempted the Jungle Reverse jersey on both of my last two rides (I’m not that fast… recently learned Jungle-Reverse is rarely contested, so went for it just to say I won a jersey).

First attempt, posted the top time (out of ~4 times recorded). Didn’t get the jersey.
Second attempt two days later, posted the top time again (out of ~6 times recorded). Again, didn’t get the jersey.

In neither attempt did I U-turn (I did read that U-turning would cause a jersey to disappear, I did make sure to continue riding Jungle in the reverse direction).

Did not screenshot it, but if I attempt a third time, will do and post. Reading the above posts, I anticipate I’m experiencing the same issue as everyone else.

Here’s an odd one… I won the Sprint jersey on the London Classique course. It gave me the green jersey.

But then as I turned onto Parliment St. it took it away and showed me as having the REVERSE sprint jersey.

As I continued riding, as I turned onto The Strand, Zwift gave me the green jersey back.

I didn’t do any U-turns. Didn’t change course. Didn’t touch anything in fact.

Same thing happened to me today. I won the green jersey in Wattopia this morning, and although it showed on my avatar, the jersey didn’t show on the rider board beside my name.

Same thing happened a few days ago, with even worse bugs. I got the green jersey from being in second when the jersey holder logged off. After that, I was awarded the polka-dot and Hilly Loop jerseys even though I didn’t contest those circuits with any speed (when I crossed the finish lines for both those jerseys, the leaderboard was blank, although there were 2500 riders on course at the time).

Thank you for the details everyone! We have this issue bugged up but I’ve also pinged the team about the newer cases of this. Will update soon as possible :ride_on:

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Hi vincent. Is there any news about the jersey issue?

Even yesterday i won a couple of jersey in watopia (volcano kom) but i had only the jersey icon but not the ‘real’ jersey on my avatar. I was first in the leaderboard and i kept on riding in that lap.