Got Watopia KOM jersey and I'm confused

Well, several days ago I rode Watopia KOM climb. I’m weak old rider and not the best climber, thus many other & better riders overtook me as usual :slight_smile: Definitely, I was not the fastest rider on this course that day.

OK, I reached the top and as far as I can remember, my time was about 42nd in the KOM list. Then I continued heading downhill (no rush, just easy recovery pace) and suddenly I found myself wearing the KOM jersey (blue dotka one with chamois (or whatever it is)) and I kept it for the rest of my ride. It seems odd to me, as I was not the fastest rider. Any idea/explanation how it could happen?

A person’s time only remains on the leader board for one hour. This means you can finish below the best time and when other people drop off (because it’s been more than an hour), you can move into the top spot and get the jersey at a later time. You can then keep up for an hour after you finish or until someone beats your time.

I’ve seen this happen when there’s a glitch in my network connection and all other riders disappear for a second.

Guys, thank you for response :+1:


Your explanation sounds reasonable, but I see one “problem” quoted above … As I stated already, I’m weak rider/climber and definitely, there had to be a lot of riders who reached the Epic KOM after I left it (means after I started to descent) with better time then I achieved … thus I should never get the jersey or maybe just for several seconds/minutes … but I kept it for rest of my ride - guess 30 minutes. Don’t believe my time was the best one for the whole period of time …

Jim Mattson

yes, this could be a reason … sometimes network drops happen to me, too

Anyway, even I really enjoy the opportunity to enjoy such nice and valuable jersey (I even made a photo of me, wearing it :slight_smile: ) this seems a little bit buggy …

Are you doing the Wahoo challenge ? I think one of the rewards is a similar type of top , maybe .

Yes, I participated in Wahoo Mission, but don’t believe the jersey has something to do with it. I completed a Wahoo mission on Dec 22-2018 … and this “mystery” (jersey) happened earlier - on Dec 10.

Here is the screenshot from my Zwift Companion App - Activities tab … you can see it’s Epic KOM jersey. And the arrow shows the place where I got it (it was during descent) …

I had a similar thing happen to me, where I wound up with the Epic KOM, the regular KOM and the Volcano jersey all in one ride. I chalked it up to network connection issues because I, too, would never come close to earning these jerseys under normal circumstances. I wish I would have had the presence of mind to take a screen shot, though, as I will likely never see them again…