Epic kom

I got the epic kom jersey this morning but probably shouldn’t have gotten as I was only riding at endurt ance pace. Our local group had an endurance day group ride with the “keep group together” rubber band option on and it appears that one of our riders perhaps had a glitchy issue with very high power readings and that seems to have propelled our whole group at a fast pace. When that rider dropped off, our climbing speed went back to normal. I’m writing mainly because I don’t think I should have been awarded the jersey and don’t want folks thinking I was gaming the system somehow.

You should have taken a picture of yourself wearing the jersey and cherished it.

Don’t panic though, the second you logged out it went on to the quickest person currently online.

You’ve not done any long term damage.

Thanks Zwift — how do you take a picture?

Press F10 and it saves to the photo file in your Zwift file.
That’s on Windows.
The pics Don’t load automatically to Strava so you have to do it manually.
I think some people use the Companion app without problems

It wasn’t one of your riders that caused the glitch. Sometimes the “keep together” algorithm goes haywire and you all go super slow or unfeasibly fast. I’ve experienced plenty of both.