KOM jersey- mistake?

After trudging up Leith hill in workout mode at 1.8 w/kg, with a continuous stream of riders shooting past, I somehow was awarded the KOM jersey.  I suppose if all those folks that passed me had exited the game, I could conceivably have been the fastest up the hill still in the game… but seems far-fetched.  Was I the beneficiary of a lucky glitch?  Do I misunderstand what it means to ‘take the KOM jersey’?

Was the ‘Live Results’ menu at the left hand side populated JJ?

I had the same experience on Watopia mountain - I managed to gain both KOM jerseys - I’m pretty sure I hadn’t earned them.

The ‘Live Results’ menu at the left was empty apart from my name - which by default meant I was the 'fastest.

Made for a nice picture though :slight_smile:

Ride On!

Unless the riders passing you started before you or at teh same time they would be faster.  If they hit the start of the hill  well after you - they could pass you can you could feasibly still win. 

Benefit of a glitch