EPIC KOM Mountain Goat jersey

(Mike O'Donovan) #1

Just wondering - I noticed a blue jersey next to my name on the list of riders on the right hand side after riding the mountain earlier. Is the avatar supposed to automatically adopt the jersey or are you supposed to pause and do something to “wear” it? I’m only asking because I haven’t had one before :slight_smile:

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hey Mike, yeah if you had the goat icon you’ll have the jersey, but due to an issue we’ll sort out soon it may or may not show on your avatar depending on where you are on the course due to there being 2 jerseys.   If you’re going the opposite way to the jersey you earned, it’ll just appears as an icon next to your name. If you did a u-turn then it’d transition from just an icon to being a full jersey you wear.

Anyway, congrats on being the fastest up the mountain during that particular point in time!

(Mike O'Donovan) #3

Thanks for the quick response Jon. I was only 2nd up the climb so presume I inherited it when the faster guy stepped off. I didn’t U-turn. Anyway, no problem, its not likely to happen again!