Achivement Jersey purchase

It would be great if we could buy achivement jerseys, in particular the moutain goat one ( my favorite one😀)

Fantastic idea!

So you don’t need to earn the jerseys you just buy them. Sounds like you would prefer taking the easy way instead of earning it.

Err no. I think what we are talking about is being able to buy them in real life after having earned them in game. Sort of like what Strava does with certain of their challenges. 

WB understood perfectly. I was talking about buying after earning in game. 

Hi all, 

Pretty interesting idea, I’ll add it to the request list and we’ll see if it will appear in our on-line shop one day :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input, stay tuned and Ride On!


I would buy the orange jersey. Great looking and very bright for safety while riding on the road.

Yea great idea.  I have a couple of Strava KOM jerseys & they are my favourites.