IRL Zwift achievement jerseys

What if the achievements you have now in Zwift can be represented in the real world? I think it’d be cool if once a year, Zwift did a merch drop with specific sets of gear that can only be bought if you earned the achievement in game. This can be for the current achievements, challenges, or even gear that’s earned virtually in the game. I say once a year since it’s one big order as opposed to here and there (also if it’s in January, it could be a nice way to celebrate a yearly goal). Not sure if this has been mentioned before but I think it’d be a cool way to bring the game outside the game.

Hello @A_Mac2, welcome to the forums.

In years past Zwift has partnered with Le Col to make jerseys that match the Tour de Zwift jersey unlock, and some other large events. They were quite expensive and I always wondered who was buying them at $120 for a jersey, that is much more than I would spend on a kit. I have a feeling they weren’t very popular as they stopped offering it.

Maybe a t-shirt would be more affordable… there is also the challenge that Zwift seems to have with shipping to anywhere other than the US and the UK.

Price was the main barrier i’m sure they could partner with some kits suppliers to get things cheaper and to ship to more locations. But mayb they are best just avoiding try to sell merch.

But it would be cool to get more things stickers/water bottles etc that did not cost a fortune.

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