Jersey Wall

It’s a nice feature to win, albeit temporarily in-game, the jerseys available for quickest times on set sprints, climbs, circuits. Achieving a jersey during a session is recognised through wearing it on my avatar during that ride and then in the summary at the end of a ride but that’s the end of it, there’s no enduring record of it.
It would be nice to have a digital jersey wall somewhere such as the Garage where I can view the different jerseys I’ve won during my “Zwift career” incl. no. of times I’ve won them. Note these would not be for selecting to ride in, only for viewing. It could be a feature made public and I could see what jerseys other people have won too. It would add extra incentive to go and compete for other jerseys and represent an additional set of accomplishments within the game.

Yeah, I like this too!

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