Zwift store - Tour de Zwift kit

(Adam) #1

Just a thought. I’d love to be able to wear the actual tour de Zwift kit. Wouldn’t it be cool if Zwift made a real version of the kit available to purchase from their store?

(Milan Rost) #2

No, it would not be cool for all of us who finished the 9 stages. It is cool there (in real life, too) are things which cannot be bought!

(Tony Palmatier) #3

I believe is he saying a real life, not in game, TDF kit would be cool. I agree, it would be cool. I doubt I would buy one, but it is a neat idea. BTW, I did finish all 9 stages and earned the in game kit, which I have been wearing proudly.

(Milan Rost) #4

Yes, you are right, I did not read properly.

(Tony Palmatier) #5

Milan, no problem.

I don’t think I’d buy a real life TDZ kit for riding outdoors, but, I would probably buy a TDZ poster. :blush: