Buying a real cycling kit from Zwift to match the kits we earn from events

Just out of curiosity, if Zwift were to create real kits from their ‘in game’ kits that we earn from completing events like Tour of London, or Tour de Zwift, how many Zwifters would buy them? I know I would.

Radavist kit please

Depends which kits they create. I’d buy one if I really liked it.


I can’t really see that I would. Certainly not very often anyway. I’ve plenty of kit - I really don’t need any more and it’s not even like I wear a cycling jersey on a turbo.

I’d be in for the right kit / kits

I think that would be a great opportunity for Zwift to make money. I like the Tour de Zwift Jersey.

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I would definitely buy a Tour de Zwift jersey for this year - perfect for wearing while Zwifting!

Considering how easy it is to get custom jerseys made these days (I’ve had 3 of my own design made for around 12 dollars each) , there really is no reason for Zwift not to offer these sort of jerseys.

If any of you do the upcoming VoxTour, you can buy the jersey:

It’s a women-only event, mind.

Just seen this as well…however €99 for a jersey?!
Some may pay it, but no chance from me.

I mentioned above that jerseys can be made to order with no minumum quantity for very little money these days, As for quality? Well mine are 2 years old and still going strong - thinking of trying to replicate the Tour de Zwift jersey and get a couple made for myself just to celebrate finishing off this years event - a nice memento.

I’d buy at least a few of them. Can’t beat looking like my avatar :slight_smile: