Buying a real cycling kit from Zwift to match the kits we earn from events

(Mark Pendleton | BAA) #1

Just out of curiosity, if Zwift were to create real kits from their ‘in game’ kits that we earn from completing events like Tour of London, or Tour de Zwift, how many Zwifters would buy them? I know I would.

(Gleb Chugin #adoptdontshop) #2

Radavist kit please

(Daren) #3

Depends which kits they create. I’d buy one if I really liked it.

(Les) #4

I can’t really see that I would. Certainly not very often anyway. I’ve plenty of kit - I really don’t need any more and it’s not even like I wear a cycling jersey on a turbo.

(Michael Mc Colley) #5

I’d be in for the right kit / kits