Online store - Puleeze!!

Would be interested in buying stuff online…water bottles, T-shirts, Trainer Towels, hell maybe a level 20 kit or metric/imperial century kit with the logo. I love the product(even at Beta) and would proudly represent at my next Century.


Still get those “ride outside” fools, this would help shut them up. I don’t even really care to ride outside anymore with the exception of Real life events.

I’m shocked that there isn’t any Zwift kit available! At least a basic Zwift logo jersey to tide us over!

Later on, the level 15/20/xx jerseys should be orderable IRL only when the virtual achievement is unlocked.

IS there an ETA for this? Any hints as to what will be for sale? Zwift matt? Zwift bottles? Zwift kit?   A package with PC, TV, wireless keyboard, TV rack, fan, power trainer for an easy launch for new Zwifters or those looking to upgrade for Christmas??