Love Zwift but why so little swag?

I would love to advertise my addiction to Zwift to others by wearing your logo everywhere I go, but Zwift has the smallest/weakest collection of purchasable logo items I’ve every seen for a start-up.  Cyclists are gear nuts by nature and will purchase anything.  Why isn’t there 4 versions of cycling kit, towels, hats, stickers of 37 sorts, rain jackets, socks, t-shirts (besides the ones on the website that are always sold out), keychains, bumper stickers, sweat-catchers, etc, etc. available at a small margin over cost?  Its a huge opportunity missed.  Get your brand out there.  Look at the volume of stuff GCN has for sale! The whole swag effort can be outsourced easily if you don’t want to hire someone to do it.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me pay for the privilege of advertising for you.  I’ll even wear the new logo, even though I prefer the old one!

Like a nice orange tech running shirt, black running shorts, cycling hat and a bag with the Zwift logo on it would be nice, oh and throw in a couple water bottles, lol ; )

I would love to ride outside in the  Zwift jerseys…Triple Jersey, Volcano Jersey, Epic Climb. For now, the most you can do is have someone make a custom embroidered logo. (The Jungle Jersey could be improved but it’s okay.)

Serious need some stuff for sale.  Easy advertising…