Jersey/Accessory marketplace

(Evan Kuhl) #1

Maybe this has already been covered, but I think it would be cool to have a marketplace to buy jerseys/custom items. ie. $2 custom jersey, Zwift keeps part of the profit and splits it with the creator. I think it would be best kept for individuals, not companies (so people can create cool custom gear, while zwift can still maintain advertising/promo considerations outside the marketplace)

(K.C. Race3R) #2

I think that it would be VERY SMART for Zwift to open up kit design a bit like the Apple App Store is open to Apps and then designers could make virtual kit and riders could buy it with real paypal dollars and the designers and Zwift could make some money.    

(Jerry Bob) #3

great idea. I’d certainly load my virtual closet up.

(P.O. Proulx -#TeamMoVelo) #4

It would be nice also if you could build up some kind of reward points and exchange them for cosmetics in the game. (this could solve the problem with the max level … a little carrot on the stick)

They could make the possibility to buy the point with real money for people who don’t want to grind …

(John Butter KISS (B)) #5

The zwift bike shop that generates revenue for zwift and the manufacturer (license cost) with NO inventory.  Love the idea of opensourcing tools to develop the kits or other bike accessories.  Also, bike manufacturers could “sell” zwift the digital wholesale rights for their bikes to be delivered to a user’s “Locked Garage” once purchased.  I’d spend a latte on a new ride with a legitimate drag profile like the Canyon TT which was an absolute Flyer!  It might be a great way for people to try out the indoor performance of a bike and lead to a physical sale.  Then zwift provides or exchanges back to the manufacturer the analytics on rider usage, workout performance, text sentiment on the group texting, etc.  It’s in the DATA!