Custom jerseys

Would love to see a custom jersey tool. Personally, I’d pay a few bucks to customize/personalize my look. The more robust the custom options, the more I’d pay, probably capping around 15 bucks.

Please follow and vote up this request/thread: Club jersey for Bolt Race Team

:rofl: Good luck! If your search custom jerseys on here, you’ll quickly understand why I’m laugh.

Really, what is the purpose of your post?

Because this topic has reached comical levels for me. There are over 50 posts requesting the same or similar things as you, each just left waiting for Zwift to allow people to have some sort of customization for their kit.

Buddy you gotta ride outside more. You’re laughing because an idea is popular?

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It is more of a “Get in line” scenario.
I have 600 people waiting for a custom group jersey. custom jerseys hit a snag about a year ago or so. Since then, mostly pro teams can get a jersey nearly overnight. but, the rest of us wait and wait and wait.
If they ever would do individual jersey creator…I would think it to be a 10 million dollar drop shop purchase or level 75.
Then there would have to be Jersey Police to avoid jerseys no child should see or any of us for that matter.

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