Custom Jersey's

(David Hewes) #1

This a future idea of course, but add support for uploading your team jersey using a pre-made template from Zwift.

(Jason K) #2

Custom jerseys are something we’re planning on doing later once we get the more core features of the game nailed down. As for exactly how we’re going to do that…you’ll have to wait for details. :wink:

(Nicole Sutton AHDR) #3

That’s exciting news Zwift as I would love to see our womens jersey riding around the world. Would be happy to have no sponsors just our logo and colours…that would be awesome   :slight_smile:

(. . BB ... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) #4

Any update on the idea of custom jerseys?

Right now there are several team/custom/event jerseys available, but it seems Zwift users have to go to other 3rd party sites to learn the promo codes?

What is the process right now to submit a new custom jersey request?

Thank you!