Custom Paint Jobs

(Dom Kennard (thealphabet)) #1

It’s great that us Zwifters can customise our avatars.  How about being able to customise the paint jobs on our steeds?  Or maybe have Team/Group Ride custom paint jobs?

(Paul Allen) #2

That would be up to the bike manufactures not Zwift.

(Dom Kennard (thealphabet)) #3

Zwift Aero, Zwift Carbon, Zwift Steel and Zwift TT could be customised.

(Paul Allen) #4


(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #5

I’d rather see the custom jerseys we’ve been asking for for more than 2 years. =)

I understand some of the reasons why we still don’t have them (engine limitations, moderation for designs etc.), but I think overall they’re an easier-to-see customisation for us.

I barely notice what bike other people are on, let alone what colour it is. Especially using the default follow camera views. But the jersey is easy to see and take in. 

If we could have both… :D