Helmet Color Customization

Thought it would be great to select basic colors when choosing your helmet. With all the options for jerseys and bike colors, the helmet stuck as orange seems odd. See my example image for a red helmet option for instance while riding the TREK kit and red bike.

Yep, yep! More customization options are in the pipeline :slight_smile:

Helmet colour is a running joke at this point, been the same since beta.

Being a graphic designer does not help help me here as this seemingly simple thing has been bugging me for so long :slight_smile:  I do understand prioritizing features though.  I am a big fan of the Zwift team who have done so much to make Zwift a success.  I just hope this gets adopted soon so we can apply our own design/fashion sense to our customization of our riders in Zwift.

+1 for helmet choice.  We can go without but if we wear one its orange and grey…Orange is not the new black and DOES NOT go with everything!  please color code the helmets with the kit!

I put my vote in for more helmet choices, but I think almost everyone is the same on that

Happy that we at least now have a solid black option as a neutral that will go with anything.  Maybe later we’ll have a color slider option for customizing.

Just like everyone else has said, it seems strange to me that there are tons and tons of jersey options, but only 2 helmet options.  It seems like it would be quite easy to provide helmets in a host of different solid colors, or even a “color slider” like is available on the bike frames.  More detailed custom colored helmets, and/or specific makes and models of helmets, would be super cool… but at this point just a collection of different solid colored helmets to choose from would be a nice improvement.

I clicked the “up vote” button on this topic.  I’m kinda surprised it is only at 27 votes.  perhaps there are other feature request posts for the same thing.


Joe Great point…made me think how many SOCK options do we have?  about 20 or so if you consider color and length combinations!..probably more I didnt spend time to do the math…but only 2 for helmets…Zwift you have TONS more members now-not a boutique company any longer…time to get this one done!

whats wrong with orange helmets? … and red socks?

Agree, If that kit was the only Zwift kit, we would not need to spend time discussing the orange helmets.

I might add that it would be nice to adjust the color of glasses as well. Also, provide names for the helmets and glasses, similar to frames, wheels, and kits.