Zwift Shoes

Apologies for the trivial question, but this is one of those things that can drive a person insane. Why are some riders’ shoes all white and others have an orange stripe?

you get the items by leveling up and/or completing events. check your customization screen when you start your ride to se what you unlocked.

Thx Justin, that makes sense, but I’m at level 25, and I’ve never seen anything regarding shoes. Maybe I just overlooked it. I’ve also noticed that the back of my socks say “Beta” on them and my shoes are all white, so maybe it has something to do with that. You can see this if you switch to the rear, lower view while the avatar is not riding.

If I recall correctly, players who participated in beta before a certain time (believe August 2015 and earlier) got some custom pair of shoes for their characters.

I’m not sure if you can actually change these yourself or not. What I do hope in the future though is for Zwift to introduce more than the custom jerseys, but also add other apparel. Such as different socks, different shoes, different helmets/bandanas/caps, etc to pick from. Also I’m still hoping on long sleeve and full leg cycling clothing to be added as well. Just to throw in the variety.

As it stands right now, there’s just no real personal touch to the characters as the only thing truly changing is the jersey.

well I just got shoes with a yellow stripe on them but only got them after I put a promo code in for alienware. they were just plain white before that.


Stef, agreed on other customization, that would be great. Hoping companies will want to bring all types of things into Zwift to test things out and maybe generate some nice revenue for them. Would be interesting if there was a design aspect to the game where users could design their own kits and even frames, and who knows, maybe even bring them into the physical world! There’s probably bigger fish to fry though!

I  don’t know how difficult it is but I have seen the option to create your own jersey designs on another cycling platform (don’t want to name it but can if you want).

It uses your experience points to “buy” some templates and you can create your own designs. More points more templates.

An interesting/cool feature is that they actually “wear” with mileage! You have to buy/create new ones or it reverts to the standard when you have not got enough points and you wore out your jersey.

Nice touch!

I mentioned it here before but the community did not seem interested (not a single vote)

I’ve had lace-ups in Zwift since Day 1, and I still have them today. I see a lot of other riders (most) riding with Boa style shoes.

I have no idea how they got them or how to get rid of my lace-up trainers, but I’ll stick with it…  it’s now “unique”!

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David, although Boa’s are more practical in the real world, lace-ups are way cool and your feet don’t swell on Zwift so no on-the-fly adjustments needed ;-). I would aim to keep them if you can!