Other than breaking Apple TV, what was in the recent update?

Would be nice to see a list of what the updates include. Seems like the one from today/yesterday installed very fast, but I was hoping to see something new and didn’t notice any changes during my ride this morning.

There were some new jerseys for various teams and ride groups.

Other than that, I’ve no idea.

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that’s lame, don’t get my hopes up that a new route or something cool is being added just for some jerseys.

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To my understanding the only thing that was released were some custom jerseys that Zwift publicly said they wouldn’t make.


My guess is there might be an April 1st easter egg too, looking at the timing of the update, and knowing Zwift have a good history of putting something fun in for April Fools.

That would really surprise me. Zwift isn’t exactly Fortnite and their weekly updates.

Zwift added the Specialized Mixtape Workout and Race Challenge. That’s the main part of the update. I think Zwift missed their “by the end of winter” promise for Watopia expansion.


you new to zwift? they’ve had something silly for april first just about every year since they launched beta. my avatar is the big wheels we had one year

I expect they needed a 3rd attempt attempt at fixing some of what they broke when they did the drop shop update.
Zwift really needs to improve their testing prior to release.

I had another, seemingly larger, update this morning.