Zwift Game Update: July 2, 2019

Hey Zwifters - small update this week while we continue to work on some bigger projects. This update includes:

  • Added July Cycling Mission - which spans July 6th through July 28th
  • Fixed volcano and jungle lap counters on side of the road, as well as the achievements related to them
  • Fixed a potential crash in the race results screen that could happen when clicking through the various results pages for each of the groups (A,B,C,D, and E).

We’re also currently working on reducing mobile memory usage a bit for those older 1GB iOS devices that are starting to run out of memory while Zwifting on Watopia. Progress is being made there, but there are no improvements in this weeks update on this issue.

As usual we’re all ears when it comes to feedback about changes or a new issue you may have discovered, just respond to this thread. Or if there is something new you’d like to see, head on over to Feature Requests to post your idea.

Ride On.

The Team at Zwift


This is the first time I’ve heard Zwift giving a update about the older iPad problem and trying to fix. Thank you
Barry T


Hello Forum,

On the watopia there is one section with two short roller where you can actually feel them on the bike. I would love to see more of those types of sections along the course where you feel things. Another example is the dirt road. There is no changes when you ride that section beside the dust. It should at least be harder.

Thanks you,

Paul Bourcier

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Hello Zwift,

I would love to have a cyclecross course on Zwift. Resistance could stop on barrier and really increase out of turns. On and off power for slippery sections or forced cadence changes.


Paul Bourcier


Instead of your 30 day records why don’t you just have your best time, then at least you know what time to beat if you want to go for it. Many times i keep getting a new record for a KOM or Sprint because I’ve not ridden it for more than 30 days, and the thing is ive not even put a sprint in or one for a KOM!! Just a thought thx nick.


I’ve noticed a problem with the display format in meet-ups where the menu and quit meet-up buttons are too low on the screen. The graph data and menu icon buttons are properly aligned though. I’m on AppleTV 4K.

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Please add Ant+ support on Samsung’s devices!

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Hi, It would be nice to have a ‘ride on’ counter. Perhaps put the number of ‘ride ons’ in the thumbs up when it drops so additional screen space is not consumed.


Thank you, Zwift!

Any plans to add certain triathlon courses (eg Arizona 70.3; Oceanside 70.3) to be Abe to practice them?

Many thanks,



Hey Paul @v_Bourcier_TCNF.Lega , just turn the trainer difficulty up and you will notice hills! This might help. IRL, if I am not on my mtb bike, I only ride my gravel bike and whilst I notice a change in surface, I dont notice an increase in power required - I’m sure it does but not perceptible for me. You could try out a Neo trainer - they have a feature which allows you to feel the gravel on Zwift.

Feedback I have is why all worlds aren’t shared equally throughout the calendar?

I’m a paid subscriber and it pains me to see London and New York always being the dominant worlds.

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I’d like to know when all country flags will be made visible in game. Support told me it wasn’t possible because the game doesn’t have enough memory for all flags… Please, come on!
As you seem to care about representation I don’t understand how this is regarded low to no priority, considering the little effort it would be to fix it. From a product design perspective it also doesn’t make sense to provide a feature, display of their country flag, to some customers and not to other customers.
Ride on

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Hi, which flag are you looking for? We currently cover 99.4% of our users and are adding approx 15 flags in July. Maybe the one you want will be in that batch?

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The issue we were originally trying to solve was folks who set a good time, and then for years will never beat it because they’re getting older, and slower. 30 days only is not good enough, however - you’re right. The end goal is that we want to make 30day/1year/alltime results available - we’ve been saving every result since Zwift launched and we hope to expose them soon.


Fortnite (a very popular online game) took the approach of simply not supporting any 1GB of ram iOS devices (so no iPhone 5s/6/6+, no iPad mini2/mini3/Air1). We’re going to try and keep supporting 1GB devices for quite some time - but it’ll be a constant battle when most Zwifters have 2,3,4,8 or even 16gb of ram. The game will keep getting bigger, but those iOS devices will stay what they are.

Anyway, we’re sorry for the issues - we are definitely aware and for the first time in weeks I can say we’ve made some real progress towards lessening the issue.


If to buy a new iPad what is the best size of GB to buy that would keep me updated on Zwift for a few years,many thanks
Barry T

I would need at least the ones for St Lucia, Virgin Islands, Sierra Leone and Bolivia to be fixed for my friends and myself.
I can’t tell how many people chose to keep the default flag or to use a different flag instead of the one they found not to be displayed.

I would appreciate if this would be taken care of, it has been a disproportionately long time.

Thank you

RAM is the more important factor than storage space. Modern iPads have 3GB RAM where as older ones have less than 1GB. If you’re buying a device listed here it should last a while

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Jon, thanks for the update. Awomse stuff. Will the volcano achievements work retrospectively? Thanks, Mark