Zwift Game Release: January 19, 2016

Hey Zwifters, we’ve bundled up a few nice odds and ends for this update. We appreciate the feedback we’ve gotten from everybody and some of the feedback has resulted in a few of the changes in the update.

Notable fixes and improvements include:

  • BETA support for Wired Elite trainers (on Windows only). We need the owners of these units to give Zwift a try and let us know if you have any problems. Also note, the wired hand control will let you take turns at intersections in Watopia, as well as skip chunks of your workout and dial in the resistance during workouts.
  • Added support for female sprint and lap jerseys
  • Improved Group Follow mode on Watopia.
  • Added Figure 8 route on Watopia
  • Jan 21 is now a Watopia day for a special event.
  • Battery Saver mode added to settings screen. This works by capping your framerate to 15fps on Max Savings, 20fps on Medium savings, and 30fps on minimum savings when your laptop is unplugged. This means the faster your laptop, the more savings you might have when unplugged. It is still highly recommended you stay plugged for the best experience.
  • Possible fix for riders riding way off course
  • Performance and memory optimizations
  • Added support for remembering what monitor Zwift was on so it can try to use that next time you launch.
  • VSync disabled by default on Intel GPUs
  • Camera 7 no longer goes under the road or into the ocean
  • Workout Editor drag and drop fixed
  • fix for “hitch” when receiving a ride on, on OSX
  • Added support for European letters/symbols in a users name
  • High end GPUs now have 4K ultra HD resolution as a choice in settings
  • Less aggressive serial port detection on OSX - may reduce odd error messages about bluetooth
  • Fixed bug where Zwift TT bike was not being given to new users after January 1

UPDATE : On 1/19 Zwift released a service patch to this update which fixed an issue with leaders jerseys on Mac computers, and muted the ‘phantom ride ons’ that some users would receive every time they logged in.

In other news, we’ve also started on some nice enhancements to better facilitate group riding and we’ll be releasing some of those over the next month or so.

As always we welcome feedback and suggestions you have to help make Zwift even better. Just leave us feedback in our Zwift Support Community.

Ride on!

Team Zwift