Zwift Game Release: December 21, 2015

Hi Zwifters - we’ve been doing some housekeeping before the holidays and have a few fixes and features bundled up into a very small update this week.

Changes this time around include:

  • Added ability to edit custom workouts in watts as well as % of FTP. Workouts still save out in % of FTP, so they’ll scale as you grow as a cyclist and are shareable with other users who have a different FTP.
  • Fixed issue where Zwift would slow down during very long rides
  • Fixed problem with older NVIDIA 9000 and 200 series graphics cards showing everything glowing bright.
  • Fixed issue with days-ridden-in-a-row achievements not always working as expected.
  • BLEBETA promo code no longer needed to use BLE devices with our IOS app. You can pair right from the initial pairing screen now. Android support for bluetooth is coming soon.

We’d love to hear any feedback and suggestions you have to help make the Workout Editor even better. Just leave us feedback in our Zwift Support Community.

Ride on!

Team Zwift

PS, we have one more planned update for 2015, and we think you’re gonna like it.