Zwift Game Release: January 10, 2015

Hey Zwifters!

Happy 2015!

While you guys have been racking up the miles, we’ve been putting in the hours. Many of you have noticed some of the little improvements over the last few weeks and we’d like to share a recap along with the new dashboard improvements just released. Yes, many of you already caught on to the soft launch, but we finally have a very basic dashboard. Just visit the Zwift website and click on login to check it out.

The dashboard allows you to:

• set your weight (be true - remember the community WILL see your W/KG output)

• reset your password

• set your nationality (flags will display in game for 22 countries - more coming soon)

• choose Metric or Imperial display (this changes the display everywhere, in the game, Zwift Mobile Link app and the dashboard)

• connect your Strava account to autopost activities*

• download FIT files

• see the total number of pizza slices you’ve burned (each one is 285 calories)

*Activities done prior to connecting your Strava account will NOT autopost. You can download the individual FIT files for these rides and manually upload if you haven’t already.

In game fixes and changes:

• fixed an issue with FIT files getting corrupted on long rides

• added a lightning bolt display in the friends list to indicate people riding with a validated power source such as a power meter or smart trainer. People without a lightning bolt are riding with another power source such as zPower.

• friends list time gaps changed to make more sense

And the quick update on Zwift Mobile Link companion app is that we have maxed out our 1K TestFlight licenses for beta. But don’t despair. We’ll be releasing one last test version to the current testers next week before submitting to the App Store. With any luck, we’ll get the green light and Zwift Mobile Link will be publicly available to all by the end of the month. For Android users, we’re in alpha testing right now. Things are looking good to get a beta in your hands to test this month.

In other news, we’re hard at work on the Mac version and expect to start rolling it out next month. Please be patient guys. Good things come to those that wait :slight_smile:

We’re still busy working on features that will allow you to find and follow others. In the meantime, be sure to follow the thread in the Zwift Support Community to help us organize group rides.

As always, a big thanks for all your feedback! You guys rock!

Stay tuned, spread the word @GoZwift #zwiftbeta and Ride On !

Team Zwift