Zwift Game Release: November 26, 2014

(Vincent W.) #1

Hey Zwifters!

It’s been great watching the community grow and read all your awesome feedback. We’ve had some cool guest appearances from Taylor Phinney, Laurens ten Dam, Ted King and Evelyn Stevens. The best part for us continues to be the opportunity to ride with some of you and taking part in a little friendly competition :slight_smile:

Man some of you guys are logging some big rides! And Greg has thrown out the official Thanksgiving Weekend Metric Century Challenge.

Some new things you’ll notice when you next log in:

• redesigned friends list with lap count, live watts/kg, and current jersey holder display

stopwatch during sprint segments with the time to beat displayed

3D markers for 2 popular Strava segments added in the world

• Zwift runs smoother on all PCs now, but specifically lower end PCs

• improved KICKR communication to alleviate “flat spots”

• FIT files now include users name in the filename

• fixed issue with camera getting inside a rider’s skull in fan view

We know that it’s more fun when you can interact with other riders. So we’ve taken the first step and added some basic actions that we invite you to try out . On your keyboard, F1-F8 keys now trigger actions . F1 = elbow flick, F2 = wave, F3+ are sounds.

Sure, we get that it’s hard to use the keyboard while you’re riding. That’s why the upcoming phone app will be so cool. Stay tuned!

…and in time for Thanksgiving, a couple other surprises.

We’re still busy working on features that will allow you to find and follow others. In the meantime, be sure to follow the thread in the Zwift Support Community to help us organize group rides.

As always, a big thanks for all your feedback! Happy Thanksgiving!

You guys rock!

Team Zwift

(Vincent W.) #2