Feedback from Thanksgiving Metric

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #1

Rode my Thanksgiving Metric this morning. It was my first ride with the new update.

loved the holiday blimp!

thanks for fixing the flat spots on the hills. experienced nothing like that. Before it was like getting slapped with 200w as you exited the flat spot.

loved that the terrain is a bit more open, especially on the climb.

drafting seemed improved to me. I used the “3” view for the majority of the ride and found that to be more immersive and realistic. Maybe it helps better judge distance for drafting.

really loved that you incorporated my Strava segments, Col d’Zwift and Deliverance Hill into the game! Awesome!

the new rider list is great. love those improvements, especially the lap counter. Nice to know how long someone you are challenging has been online. I don’t feel so bad losing a sprint to someone who has just logged on and I’ve been on for more than an hour!

love the stopwatch and it worked perfectly. I think the best thing about having the stop watch is that you know exactly when you enter a segment.

I had absolutely no issues while in game.

The one downer was after the game. When loading my .fit file to Strava I got an error message that the file contains corrupt time data. Was unable to upload. I have opened a trouble ticket on this and provided the .fit file for review.

I’ve been riding on Zwift for about a month now and it’s been fun to see the system progress so much in this short time already.