Zwift Game Release: January 15, 2015

Hey Zwifters!

We thought it befitting to celebrate our 1st birthday with a big release.

Notable New Features/Changes in the game:

  • Added the ability to ‘Unpair’ devices on the PAIRED DEVICES screen
  • Additional flags added for Korea, Canada, Norway, New Zealand and Sweden (N.B. if you set a flag in the dashboard that is not yet in the game, the default Zwift flag will display)
  • New stopwatch graphics for ‘segments’ moved to the top of the screen so they no longer overlap with the riders behind indicator
  • Riders behind indicators are now distance sorted
  • The Orange arch and leaderboard is now a FULL LAP timer
  • Notifications added to show who stole a jersey from you
  • Rider Level has been increased to Level 15 (we’ll keep upping this, don’t worry!)
  • Drafting effect has been increased to make it easier to draft
  • New screen shot support by hitting [F10] on your keyboard takes a screen shot compete with flash and sound FX (snaps are saved in /Pictures/Zwift)
  • New group message support by hitting [m] on your keyboard (messages are limited to 140 characters and disappear after 10 sec)
  • And introducing PowerUps which are triggered by hitting [SPACEBAR] on your keyboard (don’t worry, they won’t ruin leaderboards)

Notable bug fixes:

  • FIT file updated so that elevation data now shows up in Strava :slight_smile:
  • FIT file updated to import into Garmin Connect
  • Networked riders go around corners more smoothly
  • Networked riders shouldn’t intersect each other as easily
  • Kinetic and CycleOps Fluid2 zPower coefficients greatly improved
  • Super short, unrealistic leader board times should be much more rare
  • Fixed black ocean at night
  • Clicking “X” to close the game now brings up a save dialog rather than simply exiting
  • Calorie count on PAUSE screen now displays
  • Zwift Mobile Link ACTIONS now trigger immediately on the local client

New Notable Features/Changes in Zwift Mobile Link app:

  • “SWITCH VIEW” button has been moved to ACTIONS
  • New “SNAPSHOT” button in ACTIONS takes a screen shot compete with flash and sound FX (snaps are saved in /Pictures/Zwift)
  • New “GROUP TEXT” button in ACTIONS for group messages (same as [m] on your keyboard)
  • New RIDERS NEARBY screen allows you to see everyone on the island and private message anyone

We’re still busy working on features that will allow you to find and follow others. In the meantime, be sure to follow the thread in the Zwift Support Community to help us organize group rides.

As always, a big thanks for all your feedback! You guys rock!

Stay tuned, spread the word @GoZwift #zwiftbeta and Ride On !

Team Zwift