Zwift Game Release: February 24, 2016

(Vincent W.) #1

We know, we know, everybody wants the mountain expansion. It’s not here yet, but it’s coming and has quite a bit of new road to ride. In the meantime we’ve bundled up quite a few fixes and changes that were ready to go.

Noticeable changes include:

  • Pause screen no longer pops up to take the full screen every time you stop. A menu button pops up instead and you can bring up the pause screen with that if you wish.
  • “8weeks Until Race” plan by TrainSharp coaching added
  • Early version of “Ride Leader” mode added
  • Added support for Wired USB Elite Trainers on OSX
  • Monthly and Weekly time/distance goals can now be created on the drop in screen
  • TT bikes were still able to gain some drafting effect in previous versions of Zwift. This has now been fixed - TT bikes do not benefit from drafting any longer.
  • The ability to change bikes while in motion has been removed. If you come to a stop you may still change your bike while on the road.
  • “Tour Italy” challenge added
  • Flagging fliers via the mobile app now has additional effect. If you feel somebody is misconfigured or miscalibrated, flag them!
  • Fixed issue with “Rode X Consecutive Days In A Row” achievements
  • Females now receive a complimentary Rapha kit
  • Fixed issue with cadence reading incorrectly from Elite Wired trainers
  • Nearby Riders list now includes many more riders who are nearby, especially near intersections where the list may have gone mostly empty before.
  • 3DTV mode added, this is an not-officially-supported feature, but it’s fun to try it out if you have a 3DTV. Just hit CTRL-SHIFT-3 on your keyboard to toggle it on or off.
  • Test Feature: added support for controlling a KICKR or SNAP over bluetooth via the IOS Zwift Mobile Link app. No ant dongle needed. Please let us know how this goes if you try it.
  • Fixed issue with speed drops or tire slippage warnings when using a GSC-10 or CatEye speed sensor
  • FTP TEST badge added to the Riders Nearby list when a Zwifter is in his or her 20 minute FTP TEST section of an FTP test workout. Give them some Ride On’s to help them through the pain!
  • Fix for lap timers not always showing up
  • Added censoring of the chat. We aren’t sure how aggressive we want this to be just yet, so give it some time and let us know how you feel. We will add an option to disable censoring, but that did not make it into this update.

A few more items that may have missed the list from previous updates. The following classic trainers are now supported via virtual power:

  • CycleOps Super Magneto Pro
  • Blackburn Mag-1
  • Blackburn Mag-3
  • Blackburn Mag-6
  • Blackburn Tech Mag Race
  • Blackburn Tech Fluid
  • Giant CycloTron Fluid
  • Giant CycloTron Fluid Comp
  • Giant CycloTron Mag
  • Giant CycloTron Auto
  • Lemond Revolution

You may also notice that there’s some new roads near the start line in Watopia. The use of these will become apparent once we release more of our organized ride functionality.

As usual, let us know if you spot any new problems or have something to say about changes made or changes you’d like to see. A good way to do that is via our Zwift Support Community.

NOTE: A small update went out on 2/26 changing the version from 10145 to 10146. This was to resolve the issues some were having with phone connections, and we also fixed the “0 Rider Score” display in the pause screen, and 10147 fixed an error on the March schedule.

Ride On!

Team Zwift

(Vincent W.) #2