Zwift Game Release: November 20, 2015

Hey Zwifters! We’ve bundled up a few of our latest fixes and enhancements into this update. Some of the more notable changes are:

  • BLE speed+cadence sensor support via IOS Zwift Mobile Link fixed
  • General performance improvements on all computer types
  • People you follow will now be at the top of the drop in screen
  • Improved ability to get into a draft and stay in the draft
  • Improved rider steering when passing so that the avatar rams into the back of other riders less often.
  • Auto-pairing now supported for BLE devices, however auto-pairing may not work the first time after the update. Manually pair your devices once again and you’re good to go.
  • Unpairing cadence no longer forces an unpairing of speed sensors
  • Workouts now add lap markers to the .fit file for each section of a workout. The resulting fit file will show laps on WKO+, TrainingPeaks, Garmin Connect, and Golden Cheetah. Strava support coming soon.
  • You can now mouse-over elements of a workout in the workout select screen to see what intensity and duration they are
  • Issue fixed where some machines with Team Viewer or other remote desktop software would cause Zwift to not run
  • SRM calibration is now remembered between Zwift rides
  • Fix for occaisional high watt “spike” immediately after pairing a power meter or smart trainer
  • 6 week FTP plan added
  • PowerBeam and KICKR owners on latest firmware can have ERG mode auto-resume if they fail or stop during an erg portion of a workout. Simply bring the watts back up within target for 5 seconds and ERG will toggle back on. Support for this on more trainers in a following update.
  • Fix for achievements involving riding multiple days in a row
  • Reduced “pain” effect during tough workout sections

On 11/20 we released a small patch to what is listed above in 8707, which has:

  • Fix to reduce chance of crash during large group rides
  • Fix for odd looking shadows cast by some riders
  • Improved workout item mouse-over text. It now shows seconds and actual watts rather than % of FTP
  • Achievements involving riding several days in a row were getting unlocked too often for some users.
  • 1% of Windows users might not have had the screensaver auto-disable. This should be fixed now.
  • Reduced required power levels on one-legged drills in the workouts to reasonable levels.

In other news we’re working hard on the Watopia expansion we hinted at in the previous update, and our workout editor is almost ready to show off. We look forward to reading your comments, suggestions, and feedback in our Zwift Support Community.

Ride on!

Team Zwift