Zwift Game Release: January 30, 2015

Hey Zwifters!

We released an update this morning to fix some issues, improve ride dynamics and optimizations to bolster performance:

• naming an activity at the end of your ride in the Zwift Mobile Link app now saves

• smoother auto-avoidance steering (better pack dynamics)

• changed the jet PowerUp icon to a TT-helmet

• stopped riders now move slowly to the side of the road to clear the way

• zPower is less “jumpy”

• zPower support added for Performance Travel Trac classic trainer

• ‘group text’ radius increased from 50 meters to 500 meters

• fix for Windows Vista so Vista users can now use the game again

And under the hood there are hundreds of changes made for OSX in this build as we prepare the Mac OS release.

As always, we look forward to reading your comments, suggestions, and feedback in our Zwift Support Community.

Ride on!

Team Zwift