June 2022 Update

It’s the second week of June and that means we aren’t too far away from an update…

Things that may be released

  • New starting gates at the top of the Alp?
  • New dirt loops in maps
  • anything else i’ve missed?


  • More levels
  • New challenges (Tron bike / Italy etc)
  • It’d be good to see some new drop shop items: helmets / shoes / gloves / skin ink?

iOS users

  • easier Apple controller operation (I can’t choose Ride Bots now as they don’t all show).
  • Easier in-game button controls - Ride leader controls aren’t easy.

What are your thoughts? Please add some or debate the ones I’ve listed.

A return of the Ride With button?


Has late join on new home screen been fixed? If not, please fix it…

Old home screen.


Forget new features for a while and ensure the core game works and performs properly.


I don’t know, the bugs are built in & part of the solution - There are times im not sure what is meant to be there and what is a bug anymore.

Just something that gets your attention would be nice… Its all very same same.

And can someone please explain this fixation with levels to me please?

I guess it’s a motivation for some?

Before I discovered Zwift, I would sit on my dumb trainer in the garage for hours on end, staring at the four walls (no Spotify, no Netflix etc) and listening to the chain go round (and my laboured breathing). I was as “happy as Larry”.

For me, Zwift is a training tool and my motivation comes from racing (despite my lack of success :laughing:), so I’m not overly fussed with the gamification side of things, but a lot of people obviously are.

I kind of get that, but if you have managed to make it to level 50 you must be a fairly competent cyclist \ zwift user (as it takes god knows how many hours to get there) so there must be more things to motivate you than just an additional level?

Seems like it’s not just the additional levels per se, but the chance of earning some kind of reward (fastest, shiniest Zwift bike ever, new kit etc) that uniquely identifies them as members of an exclusive 50+ club.

While I agree they should focus on the core game stability and fixing things that they routinely break… doesn’t it seem smart to release some new shiny features in the summer to try and keep people from leaving the platform as the weather turns nice in the northern hemisphere?

I’d love to see a slight slowdown of the pack speed, not much, just a little. More dynamic racing is better racing. If the pack is slower then there should be a little more motivation for people to bring back a break. conversely, there would be more motivation to try a break.
I run this around in my head and I can’t see a downside, maybe this is harder to implement on the coding side than it sounds?

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I don’t really care what they do just so long as they don’t mess everything else up while they do it!

Honestly, I don’t mind the mess ups as long as they learn from them and fix the problem… which I get the sense is happening more and more now. Fail fast and frequently, as long as you learn and improve, yeah?

Fail fast? I’ve been on zwift for 7 years and they’re only just learning?

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They should be capable of both, but the evidence very strongly points to the contrary. We’ve been having this discussion for literally years. :rofl:

I can´t sync my TP workouts since June 6 (yesterday)…

Fail fast :rofl:

If they were throwing out new iterations fairly regularly and people could see they are trying to be inventive they would get cut some slack.

Sit on your hands, don’t release anything for months on end and then break it when you do, tends to get peoples back up.

Granted what we’ve seen historically from the outside doesn’t look great but I’m willing to be patient and see where things go from here. Big picture it’s so much better than the alternative. It’s like someone said a while back, if it’s so bad we can go to the competitors…

Think that lack of competition probably let them take their foot off the gas, that opposition is a completely different entity now and going after their market share.

Yep, I agree that could be the case. It’s difficult to be all things to all people, especially when trying to cast such a wide net.
I still think incorporating Trainer Road would be one of the best things to do other than the ongoing stability issues… AI training will give them that leg up on Wahoo and Systm