Who else wants to unlock a color changeable Cycling Cap?

I think a great addition to the garage items to unlock would be a cycling cap with a color slider like you get with some bikes. But it must also include the option for Black or White!! There is definitely a subculture of Zwifters that care about how their kits, caps, helmets, socks, shoes, and gloves match their bikes and wheels just as much as they do their workouts. Who’s with me? Thanks for the consideration.

Not just the cap but also the helmet. It will make identification in big groups so much easier.


Good suggestion!

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Did I hear a color changing Headband?


Different shades of orange?

Whiter Shade of Pale? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Nigel I suspect your amp goes to 11! :facepunch:

I totally agree, I struggle to find myself when everyone is wearing the same kit. Sometimes I make my bike colour some gastly colour just so I can identify myself.

Yes I would like one. But I certainly would not like to be able to select red, one of the primary colours. That would be a weird and unusual colour that I couldn’t possibly imagine anyone wanting to use for say, a bike frame or cycling cap.


I DO! :raising_hand_woman:t3: Great idea, Lindsey!

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Not bothered about colours. I would like the choice of 50 shades of grey though. It seems appropriate while i sweat & groan in my pain cave…

I joke… As someone who matches jersey, socks and cap IRL this would be a great idea. Voted.

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Great idea Lindsey :+1:t2: