Head gear

I like getting different caps to help my avatar stand out.
While I like the cycling caps, I really dislike backwards baseball caps.

Please just give us cycling caps and can some be solid colors?

I will also vote for this but only if we can get more helmets, I don’t like riding without one.

A color slider on the helmet and other head gear will be cool.

I agree about more cycling caps. It’s the trend in the pro teams to use baseball caps now, but I’d love to see more cycling caps too (I just got one by randomly doing a Bike Exchange Jayco Green Edge Orica Alula workout). Don’t take away my ability to wear them backwards, though :slight_smile:

In fact, I say add more cycling caps, and add the feature to be able to wear them backwards or forwards. (Wouldn’t even need to add a rotating feature. When someone unlocks a cap, just give them a backwards and forwards version of it.)