Green Cycling Cap?

Hey guys… Was wondering if anyone can tell me about the green cycling cap I have seen some people wearing out on the ‘roads’.
I want it and would love to know how to get /unlock it.

Thanks Peeps.

I believe it’s from completing part or all of Zwift Academy.

Bummer… Thanks for letting me know.
I wonder if there’s another way.

There are some unlocks with Zwift Running as well. I know there is a headband and visor, but I don’t know if there is a cap. I have seen cyclist riding with the headband.

Also I think the orange cycling cap is unlocked at level 25. I think that’s how I got it :thinking:

Currently, you can get a blue cap (this week only) if you complete two group rides

Ride with Reason

Thanks for your help :sunglasses: