In game Headband/Sweatband for head gear


I’ve seen a few riders in game with different colour sweatband/headband as their head gear. How does someone unlock this?

Thanks in advance!


I think it’s a level unlock. Level 20? 21? I’m at 21, and just unlocked it very recently.

EDIT: Wrong! It’s a running headband. Lvl3, thanks to the folks below :slight_smile:

What colour is it and do you do any running? ZwiftInsider lists the orange Zwift headband as a running level 3 unlock. I have it and also seen others get it from running.

A quick bit of investigation suggests there are no headbands for cycling level unlocks. Headbands I can find appear to have been available on some tours as stage unlocks.


According to ZI, the orange sweatband is a Level 3 unlock… for running!

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Weird. I did hit level 3 for running, but Zwift is letting me wear the headband on my bike too. I thought headgear was separate, but apparently not in this case. (And I clearly didn’t pay attention to where I got it from.)


The headband once owned can be worn on either discipline. There are several headwear items like that but no helmets for running I’m afraid.


Looks like some of the headbands were given out on specific club rides, I just found out MAAP have this on their group rides and jersey unlock.

Going to have to get on one of their rides by the looks of it.

Thanks for the feedback guys

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Yeah - various events have had headbands as part of the unlock. Look out for them coming up.