Limar Air Speed Helmet

I unlocked the Limar Air Speed Helmet today. Can anyone tell me how I unlocked it? Thanks!

I also unlocked this helmet. Came as a surprise as I’m level 50 plus.

Anthony, were you doing a workout? The common factor so far seems to be that this as-yet-unknown helmet is being given following training/workouts.

The helmet unlock happened as I entered the starting pens for a group workout.

Seems like it is related to workouts after the new update.

Got mine whilst crossing the start line of 3R’s DoubleCrit R.G.V. Maybe the helmet is a nice band-aid for something they did (or will do) wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Got mine this morning on a group ride.

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Got mine shortly after starting a free ride. Came as a complete surprise.

Same. Don’t mind a free helmet though :slight_smile:

I can attest mine came shortly after starting a Watopia free ride. As an existing Level 33 asset, I suspect some folks might not have received it earlier due to a bug that has now been resolved. I think there may have been a minor update recently.


Received the helmet shortly after the EVO CC Flux Ride [1.5 - 2.0w/kg avg] (Zwift Power - Login) started, maybe 1km into the ride. Level 50, no workouts.

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Interesting: Zwift Insider now lists this helmet as a level 33 unlock, along with the existing fluoro gloves (
When I looked at that list a few days ago, it was only the fluoro gloves. I guess everyone over level 33 is having this addition back-filled when they ride following some toggling done by Zwift a day or so ago.


Got mine 1km into a free ride.

More interesting to those of us on level 50 is the backfill, should mean that our garage will be automatically cluttered with all the level unlocks from 51 onwards without having to restart from 500,000 XP, whenever that occurs :slight_smile:

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I had just started climbing the Alpe yesterday when I got the same message. I am L37 and was just doing a free ride. :upside_down_face:

Eric Schlange at Zwift Insider confirmed that Zwift added this asset as a level 33 unlock with the latest minor update/patch (1.16.1) of 25 August. It seems like anyone at that level or above should see the helmet appear after the first 1km into their first ride following 1.16.1.


Perhaps everyone gets it post update

I unlocked it too. Have no idea how.

My guess is that everyone got it after the update

I got mine after finishing and FTP workout. But I still can’t see it in my available helmets. Not that I wear one any way. It messes my hair up. :joy::joy: