Unique equipment - e.g. Abus Gamechanger helmet

In last week, I’ve spotted Abus Gamechanger helmet on head of one rider.
Does anyone know how to get it? Is there any list of this kind hidden/unique equipments?

It seems to have been an unlock in some recent ride series. Google ‘Zwift Abus helmet’ and you’ll find discussion on Reddit.

From reddit:

Fyi: SYN circuit race helmet unlock

Just an FYI. If you do one stage of the current Biehler SYN stage race you unlock the ABUS helmet. So if you’re a gear collector and dont have it…thats an easy one. (You also get a jersey)

Also “rad race”.

I suppose it’s probably too late to get it now fmgiven it was 25 days ago on reddit. Event probably long finished.

I’d like Zwift to unlock that lovely Merida Scultura for us that is already in Zwift.