In-game helmets 2023

Is anyone aware of any events or alike where you can obtain a new in-game helmet? I believe Abus helmet is no longer available.

You can get a helmet from the Alpe-O-Wheel at the top of the Alpe. But you might also get gloves. Or those pesky wheels.

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seems like caps, backwards hats, and head bands are the trend recently

I’d like an old leather bike helmet in-game. Or the ability to select Pogacar hair tufts sticking out.


There was a Neokyo helmet when that area was launched. In fact, that’s the one I normally wear in-game. Well, when I’m not sporting a natty headband :joy:

The leather hairnet is “Retro 80s Helmet” @ level 43

I wish for the Bell Biker, Skid Lid, Tourlight… And a V1 Pro to match the one in my IRL garage. Preferably the camo finish.

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Hey, thanks :slight_smile: I’ve seen one or two, I thought they were a special thing from a special event long gone. Nice to know I can get one in the future.

We should also be able to get clip-on cat ears from riding enough in Neokyo.

Zwift Tri academy apparently gets you a helmet (or did sometimes) - it appears to be a Specialized aero helmet.

Unfortunately you have to do running to do that challenge. And I don’t run - ever!

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Are you allowed to wear the aero helmet with your running avatar?

Alas I’m afraid running is a no helmet zone.