Hats and capa

Hi folks.
Is there any way to change the color of a cap or get more cap/hats.
I see people with red or black cap and I only can use the orange.
I am in level 35 xp and I have seen the future iremos to be unlocked and I don’t see more caps.

Thanks in advance.

Do you have an example? And are you talking about hats/caps, or helmets? There are some caps that have been a part of an event (like the Giro or Zwift Academy) that are only available to people who have done that event. And there is a helmet that is only ‘won’ via the prize wheel at the top of the Alpe. Other than that, though, all other caps and helmets should be awarded through XP level-ups. So, there might be some items (caps, especially) that you may never be able to get (because the event has already passed).

Ok. Thank you.
I will be more connected to the events.