Alpe du Zwift Lazer Bullet helmet went missing [April 2022]

I am very disappointed that my black/red Alpe du Zwift Lazer Bullet helmet was changed into a Lazer Vento white one. Retiring the black/red one is fine, and making all newly earned helmets the white one is fine; but those of us that earned the original should not have had it taken away.

You’ve got my vote for sure. It was my favorite helmet.

I knew something looked different during my ride yesterday, but couldn’t place it. Now that you mention it, I had the same swap!

A similar thing happened a while back with my Tacx jersey getting changed to a Garmin jersey with no warning or explanation…

Heh, I hadn’t even noticed that the AdZ helmet changed color (I never really used it). Kind of off-topic - why does it look so bad? The S-Works Evade is nice and crisp, but the white Lazer and Limar helmets are pixelated. Or is that just because I run Zwift on a potato and I’m stuck in basic graphics mode?

I’m seeing this too. The wheel o’ fortune gave me another one of these helmets this week, and it’s missing from my Garage.

I’ve started a trouble ticket. We’re investigating.

According to Zwift Insider, “Don’t be creeped out, but Zwift managed to sneak into our garages and swap out all of our Bullets for Ventos, too. Thanks, ZHQ!”

I just assumed that Zwift updated the helmet, not added a new helmet(similar to what Zwift does with kits)

I realize that they updated it to the white one. I just want them to return the original to those of us that earned it prior to the update.
For many people, myself included, it was their favourite one to use.

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Ventos has the same ID as Bullet.
So ZWIFT intentionally retired Bullet and replaced it with Ventos. The real bug is that I forgot to change the name.But I don’t understand why Zwift had to be replaced with Bullet, not as a new kit.I’d rather get two kits than one.