White Kits

I have noticed since the latest update some riders in free ride and PB rides have a white kit. I am on AppleTV 4k, is this a bug?

could that be your PR bots? They look like grey/white pacer bots.

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no I turned that crap off day 1. good call out though

Can you share a picture? Could it be this issue?

No it is not the same as the color washout in tunnels. it isn’t everyone and happens randomly. It might be when riders spawn into game? I will try grab a screen shot tonight.

Rider on right side of group

Different rider and bike

The rider was in Zwift Basic on my friends screen

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Dear Zwift: if you’re going to have people riding around in all-white kit, I might be joining the people who say “no rain in Zwift!” :laughing: