Underwater tunnel Over exposure

This update brought us some glairing white images in the underwater tunnel.
Windows 10 updated and Zwift on latest update.


Clip from a different rider. See the pavement change.

BEFORE update (2022-05-09) Below

Must be all the Christmas lights above ground causing glare. :wink:

I can confirm I had this today too. Looks pretty grim.

I am on Apple iPad Pro (iPadOS) and Zwift is at latest version 1.32.0 (106182)

(ignore circling, that’s for a different bug that also showed up today :joy: )

That doesn’t look like Gerrie’s pic though? :thinking:

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Lighting borked on France too. Image to follow but it goes really dark.

Edit: and excessively bright.

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I thought They just put France lighting in to Watopia. :frowning:

As we rode thru the water tunnel the first time I search the forum to see if you did not post this already…@dave is getting slow. LOL

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Huh? In what way? Its zoomed in but clearly shows the same over-exposure/weird contrast. Look at the riders backs. Now compare that to gerrie’s “before” pic. You really can’t see the difference?

The most notable thing for me in Gerrie’s pic was the glaring white sections at the side of the road.


Might be wrong but I’m pretty sure these pitch black shadows are physically impossible.

Someone’s turned the contrast up to 11. Gerrie’s presumably seen the opposite end of the scale.

Same ride, same sunlight… jerseys so bright you can hardly make out the logo.

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I have never been a fan of the lighting effects in France.

Wasn’t like this before. Instantly noticeably wrong.

You are right it is even worse now. :face_with_head_bandage: :sob:

Fortunately most people don’t get rider shadows or any lighting effects, so not to worry.

It was not me! :wink:

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OK, now play spot the difference with these two :wink:


You are looking at the image that does not have the issue. That image was before the update.

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Yeeeees, I know that … to contrast it to the image I posted… I feel like I’m talking in a foreign language here…

12 days later, not even a response. Absolutely pointless.

Anyway here’s some more comedy impossible lighting.

I had the worst case of this yet today, riding in one of the Fondo events. It was so bad everything was just washed out almost to pure white:

As soon as we got out of the tunnel it flicked back to normal:

(screenshot below, ignore masking for anonymisation of riders)

I had this too but weirdly the first time i went through the tunnel it was normal but then the next time it was like yours above. I wonder if it is a combination of things that cause it? like when the pace partners made everything go neon