Underwater tunnel Over exposure

Could be, this was in a group event (fondo ride) and as you say it was intermittent, didn’t happen consistently throughout the map. Would be good to gather more reports so we can figure out common factors and what causes it (we might as well do support’s work for them)

No it only happens like that in the tunnel but what i am saying is that i was in the tunnel early on in the ride and it was as it should be and then later in the ride i was in the tunnel again and it was massively over exposed. same place on the map, two different times and two different outcomes.

Its most obvious in the tunnel certainly but if you look above Chris you can see screenshots from other maps too where the same issue is present albeit to a lesser extent I think?

the thread is titled “Underwater tunnel over exposure”
the other example is in france and looks to be a different kind of issue, i haven’t seen it (or screenshots of it) elsewhere in Watopia?

I think it’s a problem with the sunlight, contrast, or maybe to do with opacity/translucence of certain assets. Can’t be arsed figuring it out for them.

Hehe, getting a bit technical for me, I’ve no idea what causes it but thats definitely one for them to sort out - they’ve got enough information to go on surely

What even is this crap?

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it is really odd that it doesn’t happen every time - for me at least.

If it’s to do with the lighting, it potentially depends on the day/night cycle as to whether you see it. But as I say, if they don’t even bother to acknowledge it then it deserves the contempt with which they treat their customers.


Regardless of how angrily we phrase it, it definitely seems wrong to me that there’s a bug here that’s very clearly has multiple independent reports from multiple independent people, and its not picked up by Zwift, acknowledged and moved to “known issues” and then assigned to a developer (or team) to fix. That’s how this would work with any other company and I’m just increasingly irritated that the Zwift support process is so broken. These bugs shouldn’t be introduced at all (where’s the testing) but if and when they are, have the decency to respect your (paying) customers, admit the mistake, acknowledge the bug, and indicate approximate priority and timescales to fix. Simply ignoring/blanking your customers is not acceptable, Zwift.

I’m come across the concept in a few areas of customer service of “Service Level Agreements” and “Key Performance indicators”, like “low priority issues to be acknowledge in 3 days” and “low priority issues to be fixed in 90 days”. As far as I can tell, there’s nothing like this in place. So its not just that their customer support experience is terrible, they’re not even able to know how terrible it is, because they’re not tracking how it performs. I think this links to what Anna pointed out in another thread about the “maturity model” thing (I can’t find the post now! :sweat_smile:)

Please, Zwift support, come on - move this to known issue and acknowledge that you’re aware of it at least!

Got this again today

My turn …

Had this yesterday too

Color under the tunnel/water is off. Bleached white. Not sure if just during TOW or all the time?

I had this on the TOW (7am UK time) today too

It seems to come and go - i’m sure there’s some logic to what causes it but seems pretty random from the times it happens to me,